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IT-outsourcing – technical support, support with our own IT resources (computer networks and servers)

Computer Repair

The required software license for installation shall be delivered to the customer or it may be purchased from us.

PC Maintenance

PC Maintenance – (personal computers) includes monitoring PC’s operational status, software installation and configuration, and providing timely preventive maintenance. A complex maintenance approach prevents operational breakage and defects of equipment which extends computer’s operational life and saves the costs of buying new items.

Local-area network

Installation of a local-area network – means the development of a parallel computing system between the company’s main data sources. Local area network allows optimizing data transmission and spreading resources in order to organize the sharing and collective access to network programs and information data for all employees. The telephone network, in addition to the standard services, allows organization of the entire range of telecommunication services and, in consequence, the information transfer technology becomes more integrated. Telephone and computer networking is done particularly fast: computers connection is carried over through the telephone channels, whereas computers provide telephone connection and govern it, providing the best opportunities. Therefore, in most cases, computer and telephone networks are inseparable. Computer and telephone networks are part of the information and communication structure of the site and are based on a Structured Cabling System (SCS). SCS creates universal physical environment for data transfer and connection of any devices that support the appropriate standards and data transfer protocols.

Server Maintenance

Maintenance of your company’s servers – professional installation, accurate configuration and operational administration of your company’s server equipment. A crucial factor for the functioning and stability of the local-area network – is the qualified server maintenance. Our specialists have obtained extensive experience in installation, configuration and server equipment management. Our experience and professionalism will help you avoid any kind of issues starting with the phase of installation and configuration of servers. Server equipment maintenance shall ensure stable and full-scale operation of the operating system, anti-virus programs, the Internet, email, electronic document management and network connections.


Licensed software – is the most important component of a successful implementation and future operation of the information system. The main part of the information system of any organization is the software complex, whose performance is affected by the software used, effective support of the software manufacturer, updates and further updates. This would not be possible without licensed software. Given the fact that the development of information systems costs serious money, savings based on licensed software can play a “cruel joke”, which could result in loss of time, effort and money…

Video Surveillance Systems

Setting up Video Surveillance Systems
Our company may install upon request video surveillance systems professionally and within a short time.
For further information, please contact us on the contact details listed on our website.


PC-Service may provide low-cost calls in several countries:

Development of Web sites

Development of Web sites
Our company may create a web-site upon request professionally and within a short time.
For further information, please contact us on the contact details listed on our website.



The “PC Service & Co” LTD Company, having operated in the market of Moldova for more than 8 years, provides professional services of outsourcing (transfer of a part of business objectives to the Contractor). Our main goal is to free your company from performing tasks not directly related to its activities, and the construction of individual long-term relationships.

High-level professionals who have all the necessary certificates develop an individual project for each customer and offer the best technical solution, which will satisfy the customer’s existing needs and provide an opportunity for further development.

The advantages of our company to individuals and other companies:

There is no need to pay payroll taxes and create computer jobs.
In contrast to the cases of illness, vacation, time off from an individual (employee), we have a team of interchangeable specialists, allowing supporting the work of the computer equipment continuously.
Availability of technical support at the telephone  number +373-22-843-217 with a strict timetable (8-00:18-00)
Monitoring of servers with support service
Possibility of filing problems both by telephone and via the website (which allows seeing the time of the request and time of solving the problem). Thus, you will be able to monitor our work and the time of the execution of applications
Due to the technical support service we can remotely response to the problem within 5 minutes
Our company has the ability to store your server with us (the presence of server rooms), as well as to provide their servers for your needs (terminal, mail servers, hosting)
It is not one person, but a team of professionals with a high level of knowledge, that work for you, which allows us to solve the problems of complex nature without the involvement of highly paid specialists from outside
Presence of our own service center, which allows accelerating of the time to repair faulty equipment.

One-workstation service:

based on the operating system Windows

based on the operating system Linux
Mail, Web, Internet, DataBase, Terminal , Active Directory
Cartridge refill
80 lei

At payment of the subscription for 10 months

10% discount!


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